I’m writing a memoir about growing up with a parent with schizoaffective disorder. I’m not professional writer, but it’s a story I have decided to tell, and perhaps a story that might help others feel less alone. I’ve kicked the imposter syndrome to the curb and I’m doing this. The working title is Re: Your Mother. The title is based on the emails sent to and fro with my brother over the years. It’s not in stone but for now – it’s the front runner.

This book I’m writing is not a straight line of story telling; it is like riding one of those roller coasters that has steep hills, a bit of a drop, some backward riding and a few loops to keep us dizzy.

I feel regret and guilt for many thoughts around my mom before she passed away in 2013 and have learned so much more about her since then.

This book is a disjointed and bumpy ride sharing my experience trying to advocate for and support my mom, who struggled with her mental health. It has become a way for me to process our complicated relationship, and to honour an equally complicated, yet incredible woman.

Read an excerpt here.